James E. Anderson Jr. began Anderson Aquariums in 2003.  Although it officially became a business in that year, James has been involved in the hobby of fishkeeping since 1987.  As a teenager he became a fish enthusiast and has never lost his vigor for the hobby.  Upon receiving his Bachelors Degree in Education and African American Studies from Rutgers University in 1994 and moving into his own home, one of his first purchases was an aquarium.  Visitors to his home often inquired about the beauty and tranquility of his aquarium.  From 1995 to 2002 fishkeeping was just a hobby.  

In 2002, after receiving years of compliments and helping others to set up aquariums for free James decided to begin charging for his services. It was not a business per se but something he did on the side to that helped finance his hobby.  James had begun a family and the desire to provide for his family had pushed him to acquire a part time job to bolster the income from his full time employment. Although finances were improved, time spent with his family subsequently decreased and his part time work was not fulfilling. It was just that: a job.

After doing some soul searching he realized that if he was going to continue to lose time with his family it should at least be doing something he enjoyed.  What could he do that would provide him with additional income and be enjoyable?  At that moment Anderson Aquariums was born.  

James went through the process of legally making Anderson Aquariums a New Jersey home based business in 2003.  The part time business provided him with the income he desired and he could provide the services on his schedule.  From 2003-2007 the business steadily grew.  In 2007 the income was such that he knew with more time and effort he could come very close to his present full time salary and have much more freedom with his time.  James resigned from his work with the Newark Public Schools and began working Anderson Aquariums full time.  

Anderson Aquariums now has over 75 customers servicing freshwater aquariums, saltwater aquariums, and outdoor ponds.